Teen Wins $1M On Scratch-Off Received As 18th Bday Gift

For his 18th birthday, Kaleb Heng’s grandmother gave him a scratch-off lotto ticket from The California Lottery called “The Perfect Gift.” And it really was because, on the very first day that Heng was eligible to play the lottery, the ticket won him $1-million.

The teen’s mom was driving him to go fishing when he scratched off the game ticket. “We had to pull over,” Kaleb recalls, “It was a million dollars, and I didn’t even have an ID yet!” So he canceled his fishing plans and they went to get an ID so he could cash in his winning ticket.

The new millionaire says he’s going to use his winnings to pay for his college education. What’s left after that, Heng plans to invest for his future, which thanks to the “Perfect Gift” from his grandmother, is already off to a great start!

Source: KIRO7

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