ACME Fresh Market Academy of Innovation and Industry launches with APS

Akron Public Schools Launches Partnership with Acme Fresh Market

Tuesday Morning, Akron Public Schools (APS) Superintendent Christine Fowler Mack and Kenmore-Garfield Campus Principal Kathryn Rodocker joined ACME Fresh Market President Nick Albrecht to launch the ACME Fresh Market Academy of Innovation and Industry. The academy was previously approved by the Akron Public Schools Board of Education in May, 2021. The academy will offer instructional support and real-world learning opportunities in areas of construction and building technology, culinary arts, and nursing and patient care.

In the spirit of creating opportunities for students, the presentation was emceed by Nyah Horn, a senior in the Nursing and Patient Care pathway. She introduced Superintendent Fowler Mack to a group of over 100 students, Acme Fresh Market associates, and representatives from the Akron Public Schools.

Superintendent Fowler Mack spoke to the students that have selected to participate in the Acme Fresh Market Academy of Innovation and Industry, stating: “As an Akron native, it's heartwarming - but not surprising - that ACME stepped up to partner with this wonderful school.For as long as I can remember, if there was an exciting community event or an opportunity to help the community, ACME was involved in it. Acme’s team personifies the very professional skills that we know to be important for students to master, such as grit, flexibility, strategic thinking, and creativity, and we are thrilled to welcome Acme to the Akron Public Schools family.”

Nick Albrecht explained to the students why Acme has decided to become a major partner of the Akron Public Schools and the Kenmore Garfield Academy of Innovation and Industry, “Acme does more than just sell groceries – we take care of people. From customers in our stores, to individuals filling prescriptions in our pharmacies, to our associates, and our communities – Acme has been feeding the families of our community for over 130 years! We want to support your hard work and help you achieve your goals.”

Acme Fresh Market and the Akron Public Schools announced their partnership in May, but COVID-19 prevented any in person connections with the students until today.As part of the partnership, Acme stepped up to volunteer over 2,000 hours of time and talent to work with the students of Kenmore Garfield that are in the Career Pathways of Culinary Arts, Nursing and Patient Care, and Construction.

This morning, experts from Acme Fresh Market’s team worked with students on projects in their career pathways. Acme’s Chef Marc D’Antonio led senior Culinary Arts students in a gourmet cheese tasting and worked through the math required to set menu pricing for the cheeses. Director of Pharmacy, Joe Lahovich, worked with seniors in the Nursing and Patient Care pathway to understand the role of a pharmacy technician and the path to becoming a pharmacist. Director of Facilities, AJ Sands, brought complete sets of blueprints – over 2 inches thick! – and worked with seniors in the Construction Pathway to understand how to read the blueprints.

“We want to establish connections between these students and teachers and our experts in their areas of interest. As a local company, Acme Fresh Market can really make a difference,” explained Nick Albrecht, President of Acme Fresh Market.

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