911 Call Captures Mother's Panic After Getting Drugged By Photographer

Authorities released the 911 call made by a mother who was allegedly drugged by a photographer who planned to kidnap her baby. Elysia Miller said she responded to a Facebook ad from Juliette Lelani Parker, in which she offered to photograph her newborn baby for free.

Miller said the first two sessions were fine, but when Parker showed up for their third appointment, she brought her 16-year-old daughter, along with a bottle of wine and some cupcakes.

Miller told authorities she was pressured into eating the cupcakes, and after she had a second one, she started to feel sick. She ordered Parker and her daughter to leave, but they refused.

The pair finally decided to leave after Miller went to lie down. Once they were gone, she called 911.

"I'm telling you something is wrong with me. I don't feel good," Miller told the dispatcher. "I'm super spacey like it's hard to talk. And like my hands and my feet, and my arms are super numb. I feel like my breathing is jacked up, too."

She told the dispatcher that she thought something was wrong with the cupcake.

"I was fine, and then I ate a cupcake," Miller said. "I ate one, I was fine. I ate another one, and then my face started instantly going numb."

Authorities managed to track down Parker and her daughter, and they were both taken in custody. They are both facing charges of second-degree attempted kidnapping and second-degree assault. Parker pleaded not guilty during her arraignment, while her daughter's case is being handled in juvenile court.

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