Better Business Bureau Gives Temu Bad Grade For Quality/Customer Service


Photo: STEFANI REYNOLDS / AFP / Getty Images

Anyone who’s a regular user of TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram has no doubt seen more than their fair share of ads for Chinese online retailer Temu. Temu offers and endless amount of goods for what appear to be dirt cheap prices, meaning that $100 can go a long way if you spend it right. As you might expect, though, there’s a catch. Over the past year, the Better Business Bureau says they’ve received over 1,000 complaints about Temu, mainly calling out the company for “quality control and customer service issues,” leading to a C+ BBB rating. The BBB’s Logan Hickle reminds you that you’re ordering from China if you order from Temu, so don’t expect speedy delivery, and if you’re paying $2 for something that should cost at least $10…you tend to get what you pay for.

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