Savage Comment Turns Brutally Honest Grandmother Into Internet Hero

posted by Dave Basner - 

Many grandmothers out there don't bite their tongue when it comes to speaking the truth and now one has become Internet famous.

Her name is Shirley Evans and she made a name for herself this week after commenting on a viral video about a little girl who cries when she finds out she is going to have a baby brother and not a baby sister. 

Shirley wrote in response to the clip, "Why would you want another one when the first one turned out like that."  

Not surprisingly, Twitter fell in love with the feisty granny, but there were some haters. 

Her ability to take it as well as she gives it made people love her even more and she became so popular she got her on Twitter Moment. 

Now she's slaying with every tweet.

Be sure to follow her. She's Shirley!


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