I SPENT MANY YEARS ON THE GOLF COURSE, and with the exception of a few flying clubs and the occasional golfer in the lake, I never saw anything like the following.  Two Pennsylvania brain surgeons(?), one 42 and the other 63, got into a fistfight over the rules of the game.  Both ended up with injuries and a trip to the hospital.  Assault charges are pending.  FORE!

THIS IS TOOOOO GOOD.  An upscale leather store in Sacramento, California suffered the loss of items to a shoplifter.  Normally in this case you would just go to the surveillance tape.  However, in this case, all you need do is turn on the TV.  An employee at the Coach Leather Shop was simply watching the local news on FOX40 when she recognized the alleged thief...Sabina Rodriguez.  Why was Sabrina on the news?  She was THE reporter for FOX40!  She won't be on the news (as a reporter) for a while.  Sab has been charged with grand theft, burglary and conspiracy.  She says she's innocent and FOX has given her a leave of absence.

A WOMAN IN NORTH DAKOTA HAS had it up to here with her daughters obnoxious behavior.  So mom decided to make a Facebook page for the sole purpose of selling her daughters Katy Perry concert tickets to the highest bidder.  Mom simply posted that her brat daughter doesn't deserve the tickets.  They sold for $90 in 5 minutes.  The mother has taken some grief online but says "I think a lot of parents are like me and feel they are being bullied over how they should parent their own children."  Go mom go!

WHAT MAKES A MAN A MAN?  The online BroBible has listed a few things that guys do to feel like a real man...using weapons, getting into fights, driving fast, grilling meat, smoking cigars and drinking EXPENSIVE liquor.  Fill in the joke here.  And while were on the subject of dudes, according to a new study, married men are fatter than single men.  Why?  Married men drink more alcohol, eat more sweets and also enjoy richer foods.  And now you know.

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