SAW THIS OVER THE WEEKEND AND FELT young again.  Julio Franco, long ago second baseman for the Cleveland Indians (twice) has announced that he will be playing ball again in the independent United League.  Franco will be a player coach for the Fort Worth Cats.  Julio played roughly 23 seasons in the majors as well as a number of years in Japan and the Mexican League.  His last at bat in the major league happened with the Atlanta Braves in 2007.  How old is Julio Franco?  A youthful 55!  The Indians might consider bringing this fan favorite back, as he couldn't possibly be worse than those wearing the red and blue today.

I MENTIONED THIS BRIEFLY ON TODAY'S program, but if you missed it...A student at Quinnipiac University dropped out of school but failed to mention it to the parental units.  So Mom continued to send those checks, and I assume the 22 year old continued to cash and spend them.  Now it's time to graduate, so what is a coed to do.  Mom's coming for the celebration but as I mentioned our hero dropped out and won't be a part of the event.  Apparently Danielle Shea figured the only way to prevent Mom from learning her secret was to have graduation ceremonies cancelled.  A few "there's a bomb in the building" phone calls should do the trick.  Wrong!  It took police about 3 minutes to figure the calls came from on campus and from Danielle's cell phone.  Ms. Shea was promptly arrested.  Her Mother must be so proud!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, MURRAY SAUL is dead.  OK, you know the name, but from where.  How about the 1970's.  Saul was the "Get Down Man" on WMMS every Friday evening at 6pm.  He was with the sales department at WMMS, and eventually became an on air northern Ohio legend.  Murray Saul was 86 years old.

IF YOUR HEADING TO THE AIRPORT, STOP reading now.  Two airliners were 15 seconds away from crashing at 33,000 feet above Hawaii.  A US Airways jet and another from United were about to crash, when the pilot of the United flight spotted the other aircraft and went into emergency mode, plunging his aircraft without warning.  It was crazy on board, but everybody on both planes survived.