I SPOKE BRIEFLY THIS MORNING about Casey Kasem, the longtime disc jockey who for years hosted the "American Top 40" on radio stations all over the world.  It seems Casey is "missing".  Why the "quotes"?  I believe somebody knows where he is, but it's not his kids.  A few weeks ago we had a story about Kasems current wife, and his children from a previous marriage, fighting over the ailing radio star (he's got dementia).  The courts are involved now and Kasems one daughter has filed a missing persons report.  This will allow police and maybe even the FBI to get involved.  The previous report stated that his current wife would not allow his kids to see or meet or talk with him.  Why?  I'll let you figure that one out.  But a judge in LA has ruled that the daughter is now his temporary caretaker.  According to recent reports he may be on an Indian reservation in Washington state or maybe even out of the country.  I'll keep you posted.  As a side note, back in the early 1960's Casey worked the evening shift at Cleveland's WJW radio.  A couple tapes do exist from those days and I can assure you, if you heard them, you would have NO idea it was the same Casey Kasem we heard all those years on AT40.

A RECENT POLL FROM QUINNIPIAC University indicates that unless something drastic happens, John Kasich will be re-elected to another 4 years as Ohio's governor.  The recent numbers indicate 50% of Ohioans would vote for the incumbent, while only 35% would prefer his opponent Ed FitzGerald.  These numbers are even better for Kasich than the last poll in February when Kasich led FitzGerald 43% to 38%.  Not really surprised, few people even know Ed Fitzgerald's name.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, DICK GODDARD almost lost his life Monday evening.  He was victim of a flash flood in Medina County.  After returning home from Channel 8, once he exited I-71 he found himself surrounded by rushing water.  He called 9-1-1 and help arrived just in time.  The water in his car had risen to his neck.  He reported there was no way to lower windows or open the door.  Even if he had been able to exit the car, he would have died because the rushing water would have washed him away.  If it can happen to the dean of Cleveland weather, it could happen to anybody.  By the way, we have a flash flood warning in effect today.

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