I SPENT A PART OF MY MEMORIAL DAY at the Akron Rural Cemetery, also known as Glendale Cemetery (I never knew it was officially Akron Rural Cemetery).  If your're looking for something to do with the family, I would recommend a visit.  The place just reeks history.  You'll enjoy the Civil War Chapel, the Bell Tower and the many historical graves and the famous people interned there.  It would be a great learning experience for kids and even Mom & Pop.  Take a picnic lunch and enjoy a nice spring or summer day.  I know it sounds crazy, but I had a ball and I think you will too.  By the way, if you go, pick up literature about the cemetery inside the Chapel.  It will help you learn as you go.

I ALSO TOOK IN AN AKRON RUBBERDUCKS game over the weekend and that was, as usual, a blast.  Win or lose, just being at the ballpark with family and friends is a great time.  I also noticed the crowds are better than they've been in years.  The new owner and his crew have done an amazing job bringing life back to Canal Park.  Bravo!

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