I TOUCHED ON THIS BRIEFLY THIS morning, but as I get older (I'm well into my 50's now) I realize that we continue to fight the same battles over and over again.  When I was in high school (the 70's) the never ending fight was what students should wear to school.  Earlier this week 160 students at a Texas high school were suspended for violating the dress code.  Their sins?  Piercings (is there anyone under the age of 35 WITHOUT a piercing), large belt buckles (do they really have small belt buckles in Texas), un-tucked shirts, different colored jackets (what, the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?)  Many people (students & parents) are upset.  Silly, just silly.  Now I really don't remember any vagina inspections at Garfield High, but I do remember some stupid things done by students (mostly seniors making life miserable for sophomores), but nobody ever got more than a slap on the wrist or maybe some time in detention.  Earlier this week a high school in Minnesota was the scene of a prank letter that announced a "mandatory vagina inspection" for students.  I was a very real looking document and was hand delivered to about 50 mailboxes.  Now is this prank obscene? (maybe), is it uncouth? (yep), is it juvenile? (unhuh).  What has been the reaction in the Minnesota town?  The police are now involved!  Yep, the police!  I'm thinking maybe they need a few bank robbers or a couple of cat burglars to give the cops something important to do.  Finally, in Oregon a student drew a picture of a hanging man.  Not only was the kid removed from class, he was interviewed by the school shrink and the Beaverton Police.  Seems everybody saw this as a threat to God & country.  I've a question for you.  Ever play a game of hangman?  Oh what a world, what a world.

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