A 24 YEAR OLD MAN IN CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA admitted to killing his 16 month old son.  Cody Wygant was playing with his Xbox when the boy started crying.  Police report that dear old Dad put his hands over the childs mouth and nose for three to four minutes.  He then placed the child in a playpen and put layers of bedding over his body and head, tucking it beneath his body to prevent him from getting fresh air.  Wygant then returned to his Xbox and then watched some TV.  When he checked on his son five hours later, the boy was blue and not breathing.  The killer and his girlfriend also have another child who is now in the custody of Family Services.

SHADES OF ROB PORTMAN...CHARLES COOPER WAS THE attorney who argued before the Supreme Court in defense of California's Proposition 8, that's the one that said same sex marriage was illegal.  The AP is reporting that he has had a change of heart (he calls it "evolving) recently.  I wonder why.  Not really, I know why.  He has learned that one of his daughters is gay.  This is why the anti gay marriage thing is doomed.  People think differently about this subject when they know someone it affects.

TIME NOW FOR SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT.  Scientists believe that they have discovered a planet that is similar to Earth.  The planet is only 490 light-years away, and is similar in size to our planet.  Scientists think it could have water and maybe even life. 

HERE'S SOMETHING I BET YOU DIDN"T KNOW.  Every member of the House Of Representatives receives a copy of Hustler Magazine every month, compliments of it's publisher Larry Flint.  This has been going on since 1983.  No word yet on whether Don Robart will be running for a congressional seat.

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