So, this video of what looks like a drug addicted mom nodding off on a Philadelphia bus while her young daughter tries to wake her up went viral over the weekend. The video is absolutely heartbreaking. At one point the mom even yells at her young daughter to leave her alone. The worst part about it, however, is that no one on the bus, not even the person taking the video calls Child Protective Services, 911, or even offers to help the little girl.


The video was initially posted to a Facebook page dedicated to making fun of the Philadelphia Public Transportation (known as SEPTA), and the strange people that sometimes travel on the buses. This was clearly not someone singing out loud with their headphones on or wearing fairy wings. It simply isn't funny and should have been reported immediately!


Philadelphia Child Protective Services says they didn't get any calls about the incident until after the video went viral and people who weren't even there in person reported it. That's scary! Thank goodness strangers had the courage to call and notify the authorities about the video and, hopefully, this little girl can get help. (TheStir)