With all the questions surrounding Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban prisoner swap that brought him home, one thing seems clear -- his health was deteriorating rapidly.


Members of Congress shown a "proof-of-life" video Wednesday all acknowledge that Bergdahl seemed to be in poor condition, which the White House says was a major factor in how quickly it moved to secure his release once negotiations reopened. Republican senator Mark Kirk of Illinois said, "It didn't look good. I understand the emotional power of that video." And Democrat Richard Durbin, also of Illinois, added, "His condition in the video made it clear this man was not in good condition."


Meanwhile, a homecoming celebration in Bergdahl's Idaho hometown -- which was to have featuredCarole King -- has been cancelled amid questions about whether he was captured or deserted his post in Afghanistan.


Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has agreed to next week in front of the House Armed Services Committee on the details of the deal that traded five Taliban figures for Bergdahl.


Source: Wall Street Journal