IF YOU WERE LISTENING TO MY SHOW this morning, you heard about our gas leak.  Everyone had to leave the building (including me.)  Apparently people smelled natural gas (rotten eggs) in the building and we had to march to the parking lot.  I did one segment out there (see the WHLO facebook page.)  The fire department showed up and so did the gas company.  What did they find....nothing.  Apparently one of my callers was correct, it was just a LOT of natural gas from all the baked beans we consumed over the 4th of July weekend.

WE ALSO MENTIONED TODAY THE LIST of the most boring towns in Ohio, and Summit County had 3 of the top 10.  In case you missed it, hers a list...

1. New Franklin, 2. Green, 3. Trotwood, 4. Sharonville, 5. Springdale 6. Macedonia, 7. Centerville, 8. Clayton, 9. Blue Ash, 10. Oregon.  The California real estate broker, Movoto, based it rankings on the number of nightlife options, arts & entertainment and restaurants.  I should also mention that NOBODY from Movoto has ever set foot in Summit County.

RIGHT AROUND 11:30 this morning we learned that officials have found the missing 15 year old boy from Hartville.  Caleb Denlinger was found near Erie, Pennsylvania after disappearing from his family's campsite in Pymatuning State Park.  He'd been missing since Sunday morning.  Caleb is OK but will probably be grounded for the rest of his life.

ACCORDING TO AMERICAN EXPRESS, the average wedding guest spends almost $600 these days.  That includes Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, transportation, hotels, clothing, etc.  I can get it done for the price of the wedding gift.  Whos running these weddings...the government?

HAVE A GREAT MONDAY and join me tomorrow from 9am 'til noon on 640 WHLO.  JIM