IF YOU WERE LOVING BURGER KINGS "Satisfries", here's bad news.  The new "healthier" french fries have been a bust at many locations.  Why?  They were too expensive (30 cents more than a regular fry) and had 40 more calories than a bag of McDonalds fries.  Honestly, who could have seen this coming?  By the way, some BK's will continue to carry the item, but not for long.

IF YOU ARE INTO THE KILLER WHALE show at Sea World, get to one of the parks soon.  Sea World reports that earnings are down and it's stock is dropping like a rock.  Apparently a documentary "Blackfish" showed the cruel treatment of whales at the parks, and little kids and their parents were NOT amused.  Sea World has announced they will enlarge the whales tanks and include more items to replicate the whales natural habitat.  PETA says "A bigger prison is still a prison."

WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL I HAD a teacher who smelled like a bottle of Merlot.  However, she was a functioning alcoholic.  Kathleen Jardine apparently isn't!  The Arizona math teacher showed up for the first day of school...drunk.  And why not.  She was busted for a DUI the day before school started and the kids in her class had to call school security because she was cursing them as they entered her classroom, reeked of alcohol and seemed unsteady.  To her credit, she DID take a taxi to school that morning.  However the security team found a bottle of vodka and numerous mixers in her desk.

NO SURPRISE HERE...HITTING the snooze button isn't good for you.  Psychiatrists have discovered that when you dip into and out of sleep, you're confusing your brain and your body.  So when you do get up, you're not functioning at peak levels.  The snooze alarm will also throw off your internal body clock which results in less sleep over the long run.  And we all need that beauty rest now don't we?