JUST A FEW CATCH-UP ITEMS TODAY.  IF YOU'RE a birder (sort of like a truther or a birther, only with feathers) my friends at Wildlife Garden will be holding a "Hummingbird Seminar" at the store on Portage Street in North Canton.  The dates are April 10th (that's a Thursday) or April 15th (that's a Tuesday) and the time both days is 6:30pm.  It's free but they would like to know your coming, so call Wildlife Garden at 330-966-7666 or visit the website at www.wildlifegarden.com.  Another way to sign up?  Simply visit the store in the Gander Mountain Plaza on Portage Street.

SAW THIS AND JUST SHOOK MY HEAD.  In Detroit, Michigan it costs the city $32 to process a $30 parking ticket.  No wonder the place went bankrupt!  So look for an increase in parking fines.  I guess I should mention that the money collected for the fines will be used to fix the parking meters, you see only about half of them are in working order.

AS I MENTIONED ON TODAY'S SHOW, IF YOU know someone employed by Lockheed Martin in Akron, plan their going away party now.  Not quite 400 of the Akron workers have been offered jobs with the company elsewhere.  The other 200 or so, well you'll probably see them on the unemployment line.  As I also mentioned, people go where the jobs are, and in this case, it ain't Akron.

WE'LL TALK THE PLANE, THE PLANE (and other fun stuff) tomorrow from 9am until noon on 640 WHLO.  JIM