I READ IT ON THE INTERNET, SO it must be true.....

A Tennessee man, Jerrod Christian, was apparently NOT the best neighbor you could hope for.  After a tornado struck near the town of Kingsport, people in Christians' neighborhood started finding things they hadn't seen in years.  Things that once belong to them.  It seems JC had been stealing from his neighbors, and everything came flying out of his house during the storm.  Items that were missing from peoples homes, garages and sheds were found (all over the place).  Christian was not home when the tornado hit.  He was in jail on charges of stealing his girlfriends van.

A 54 YEAR OLD MICHIGAN MAN met his demise in a most unfortunate way.  He ran his automobile into a house.  Not just any house, but an abandoned house filled with bees, thousands of them.  First responders couldn't reach him because of the buzzers.  They had to call a bee keeper before they could help the man.  He was dead, and now authorities are trying to determine if he was dead BEFORE he hit the house, or if the bees were responsible.

WAYNE BRADLEY IS THE DUMBEST HUMAN in history!  The Florida man robbed a home in Hollywood and made it out with a huge haul.  However he left his cell phone behind at the crime scene.  Rather than let it go, he called his number to see if he could get it back.  Guess who answered?  A detective who was on the case.  While the cop talked to this dope, they traced the number he called from.  Bingo! With fingerprints all over the phone and the house, the police got their man.  Can you say grand theft and robbery?  I knew you could.

MANY BEER DRINKERS HELD A MOMENT of silence for all the beer that ended up on I-71 in Lodi last Friday after a truck collision.  The folks in Indianapolis went one better.  They had a collision involving a truck full of butter on I-465.  The highway was slippery as...well...butter.  The highway was closed all day as workers cleaned up the mess.  The driver was not hurt and police believe he fell asleep at the wheel.