A MAN IN NEBRASKA WAS GOING FROM aisle to aisle at his local Walmart kissing people!  Yep, sloppy wet kisses for all the ladies and even one guy!  During his smooch session he was also randomly tossing items from shelves onto the floor.  He was then escorted out of the store but returned later and started smooching all over again.  One lucky? lady was even groped.  As he was escorted out for the last time, he left a big wet kiss on the head of a Walmart employee.

A FLORIDA WOMAN WAS RENTING OUT THE UPSTAIRS of her home to an older lady about six years ago.  At some point the upstairs neighbor died.  Eventually the lady's corps exploded!  (when officials found the body, they said decomposition had set in and the internal contents of her body explosively expanded and then started leaking.)  That's right, leaking all over the home owners first floor apartment.  She filed a claim with her insurance company and they said NO CASH FOR YOU!  While she was covered for many different perils, an exploding body WAS NOT one of them.  She lost in court!

APPARENTLY OUR COLLEGES ARE NOT VERY good at keeping the boys and girls apart.    Campus rapes are up in a major way and the Education Department is investigating 55 colleges including Ohio State and Michigan. 

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