REDDIT TOOK A SURVEY OF IT'S users to find out what is and what isn't a sport.  Forget baseball, football and basketball, but consider the following....boxing, water polo, snowboarding and cycling are all thought to be sports.  Reddit users said competitive eating, chess, fishing and poker are NOT sports.  Now, what about weightlifting, figure skating, disc golf and roller derby?  The survey says...yes and no.  The polling was pretty much split on those activities.  Now you know.

A CUTE KID IN FLORIDA TOLD HIS MOM'S boyfriends' brother (got that) that he wanted to show him "mommy's bad stuff".  So he did.  Told by the boy to look in Mom's car truck, the man found everything needed to produce meth (tools & ingredients).  The bro called police and turned Mom in.  She's in jail and the boy is with his grandparents.  Don't know about the relationship between the brothers.

IF YOU THINK YOUR CHILDS DRAWINGS are amazing, consider this.  A British study reveals that the more detailed your kids artwork, the more intelligent they are.  Much detail means you may have a genius, or a least a very smart child with potential.  The study considered kids drawings when they were four years old and then when they were 14.  If your childs' stick figures are detailed at four years, they will most likely be MORE intelligent than the average 14 year old.

MENTIONED THIS ON TODAYS PROGRAM and I still find it odd.  Forbes used various criteria to figure out which NFL team had the most rabid fans.  The Browns were nowhere near the Top 10, finishing below teams like the Steelers, Patriots, Broncos and Ravens (ouch).  Say what you will about Browns fans, I can't imagine a more rabid or faithful bunch.  I want a recount on this!!!

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