A STORY CRASSED MY DESK THAT I FOUND dumb!  A doctor in Great Britain claims that STD rates are rising among older people (45 to 65).  OK, I'll buy that.  However, she blames this trend on the book "Fifty Shades of Grey".  That's just dumb!!!  If you think for a moment, most of the folks in that age range are baby boomers and were coming up during the "sexual revolution."  Sounds to me like the same ole same ole.  By the way, a friend who worked in a senior living facility told me years ago that one of their biggest problems they faced was keeping people out of each others beds.  I learned this 20 years ago, long before 50 Shades. 

PHIL MICKELSON, PROFESSIONAL GOLFER (and a good one at that) was approached by the FBI in Columbus over the weekend.  Seems he's being investigated for possible insider trading.  Asked about it, he confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation but he has done nothing wrong.

SOMEBODY IN BOSTON HAS BEEN DUBBED "THE TICKLER".  Why?  He's been sneaking into peoples apartments to watch them sleep or to tickle their tootsies.  At least 10 complaints to Boston police have convinced them that this is no joke.  Apparently many believed this was a myth started by students at Boston College (where the tickeling has occurred).  Our hero here takes NOTHING! (a student says wallets, phones, etc. were not touched).  Police want students to be vigilant because they know absolutely nothing about the guy.  No photos & no video.

IF YOU USE THE INNERBELT IN AKRON, it will be shut down Wednesday night from 7pm to 6am Thursday morning.  Resurfacing the expressway and bridge work will cause the closure.