WOW...WHAT A STORM LAST NIGHT!  Lot's and lot's of rain but not a lot of wind at my place.  Judging from my co-workers, the rain was the big problem at their homes as well.  One of my friends from Twinsburg was bailing water from his basement last night AND this morning.  Quite a few roads were also washed out, especially in Bath.  Akron police reported, among other things, floating cars!  Now, what about today?  The National Weather Service is calling for more storms later this afternoon and tomorrow.  Call for the bucket brigade!!

SO THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS HAVE fired their head coach Mike Brown...again!  Despite losing his job, Mike Brown just might be the luckiest man alive.  Brown was right there when LeBron James graduated from St. V-M and became a pro with the Cavs.  LeBron probably made Brown the best coach ever.  However, when LBJ took his talents to Miami, he took Browns job with him.  Then the most storied franchise in the NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakes, decided to hire Brown.  There was no LeBron in LA and Brown didn't last the season.  Then here come the Cavs with another coaching offer and Brown say's "Where do I sign."  Again, no wins.  So Mike Brown leaves Cleveland for the second time with a $20 million contract payoff.  You see, Dan Gilbert signed Brown to a 5 year contract before this past season.  A 5 year contract, he coaches for one season and can relax for the next 4 while awaiting Dan Gilberts monthly check.  Some of that cash really should go to LBJ.  Without King James, Mike Brown is coaching a girls high school team in South Carolina.

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