THE BROWNS^&%$%^%^)&!!!!!

IF THIS ISN'T THE WORST ORGANIZATION IN all of pro sports, I don't know who would be (unless you count the Cleveland Cavaliers) but don't get me started on that organization.  I really believe that you must try REEEEEEEEEAAALLLL hard to be as awful as the Browns.  Nobody in the organization is able to know real talent when they see it (just look at the Browns drafts over the years.)  The ownership (the past and today) doesn't have a clue.  Every time the team makes changes with the coaching staff, it sets everything back a few more years.  The Cleveland fans may be the dumbest in the NFL, but their loyalty is second to none.  They pack the First Energy Stadium week after week, hoping and praying that someday they'll get their money's worth.  Never happens.  EVER!!!!!  With the owner having all sorts of legal issues (like trying to keep his fanny out of prison) you would hope the CEO and the GM would be able to mind the store, but alas...same ole same ole.  I wonder if Jimmy Haslam even cares about wins and loses as long as the fans continue to pack the stadium for every game.  I mean if people continue to accept hamburger when paying for a porterhouse, why bother.  I can tell you for sure that Haslam was the one who fired the coach and I'm betting that Lombardi and Banner (the GM & CEO) will be next to go (maybe even before next season).  Their heads are on the chopping block (which isn't a bad thing).  After all Lombardi was a TV talking head before the Browns job came along (nobody else wanted him).  Do I sound upset?  Well I guess I am, but I have rediscovered other things to do on a fall Sunday afternoon.  So I'll remain a Browns fan, but count me as a bandwagon fan.  I've payed my dues rootingfor this loser.  When they decide to give their fans something to cheer about, make room for me on the bandwagon.  Otherwise you'll find me walking in the MetroParks on Sunday.  I feel better.  Happy New Year!  Jim