THE CLEVELAND BROWNS HAVE FIRED CEO Joe Banner and GM Mike Lombardi!  The announcement came this morning after 10am.  Didn't see this coming, but I'm not really surprised.  I've got to believe that when Jimmy Haslem bought this team, he never dreamed what has happened WOULD happen...and he doesn't like it one bit.  While I'm a little surprised at the timing (why not fire the GM, CEO and coach at the same time), I've got to believe that Haslem wasn't impressed by Banner and Lombardi's attempt to hire a NEW head coach.  I'm sure many questions will be asked (and we might even get a few straightforward answers), but the Browns were a national joke because while many other teams in the league were hiring new head coaches, the Browns were announcing that another candidate had pulled his name from consideration for the Cleveland job.  The fault for that has to fall with Banner and Lombardi...and now they are gone.  So where does Cleveland go from here?  You know the answer to that (we've seen it so many times since 1999).  Starting over at square one.  Wait 'till next year (or maybe three or four years).  One thing that IS for sure, the Browns fans will whine and complain, but they WILL stand behind the Browns until hell freezes over.  You won't find fans more loyal to their team anywhere in the NFL.  Jimmy should thank his lucky stars for that, and if he IS the one to finally bring pro football back to Cleveland all will be forgotten and forgiven, in about three or four years!

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY different.  The pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear, Arizona for the start of Indians spring training today.  The rest of the team is to be in camp by the weekend.  While I'm not ready to crown the Tribe Central division winners, I love the fact that Terry Francona is in charge here.  While the front office will never win support from the fans, Francona IS one of the finest managers in pro ball and I'm confident he'll get every ounce of talent available from his entire team.  In other words, the Indians will not have the best talent in baseball but they will play hard all year long.  Will they make the playoffs?  Who knows, that's why they play the games!