HOPE YOUR EASTER WEEKEND WAS A WINNER.  I had the opportunity to enjoy two Easter celebrations.  I mentioned on the air this morning the "Dearborn Ham".  If you talk to people in Michigan, they know all about this tasty treat.  In the past it was only available in southeastern Michigan area (including Toledo).  I figure a ham is a ham, but this was something different.  It doesn't come pre-cooked (so you have to do it yourself), but it's worth the extra time and effort.  Relatives from Michigan served it up on Saturday and I wouldn't leave.  My family now lives in the area and they wondered if this taste treat was available around here.  Imagine when they were told you can get it right here in Akron.  I have no interest in this store and they are not a sponsor, but I'd love for you to give it a try.  Get your Dearborn Ham at Difeo's Poultry on Grant street in Akron.  It WILL make your tummy say hi!

IF YOUR A FAN OF MAGIC, MARK Saturday May 3rd for the annual Battle of The Magicians in Canton at the historic Palace Theatre.  I attended a few years ago and had a ball.  Get info at www.battleofmagicians.com.

YOUR DAYS TO WIN A TRIP TO LOS ANGELES for the I Heart Radio Music Awards are down to a precious few.  Listen to my show tomorrow morning at 9:05 and 11:05 for the keyword to win.  I'll explain it all in the morning so join me from 9am until noon for all the info.  Enjoy the warmth because cooler weather arrives tonight.  Later!  JIM