DO YOU KNOW THE NAME NAZARIO Moreno Gonzalez?  Didn't think so!  Let me help you.  Gonzalez is (or was) the leader of the Knights Templar Cartel, a drug bunch from Mexico.  Our Marines announced that we got him (blew his brains out) in Mexico yesterday.  DNA tests are being done however to be sure it's him.  You see four years ago the government announced that he (The Craziest One) died in another gun battle.  Apparently some drug lords have as many lives as your average tomcat.

BULLETIN, BULLETIN, BULLETIN!!!  KIM Jong Un won a unanimous election in North Korea yesterday.  That's right, the most popular man in that communist nation got 100% of the vote.  Can you imagine, even Mickey Mouse didn't get a single vote.  The people must REALLLLLY like that little rat.  Maybe our political parties could learn something from him...or maybe not!

WE HAD THIS STORY ON TODAY'S program, but it bears repeating.  Dish Network has removed Fox Sports Ohio (Sportstime Ohio?) from it's TV lineup.  It seems Fox wants more money from Dish than Dish is willing to pay.  Well now, with the Indians season about to begin, I would think that Dish would do it's best to return the channel to MY TV, otherwise, well let's just say the crazy amount of money I send every month to Dish will be going to someone else with the beginning of the baseball season.

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE LADY in Pontiac, Michigan who died...anywhere from 3 to 6 years ago?  Seems nobody in the neighborhood had seen her for up to 6 years.  Others said they hadn't seen any activity at the house in over 3 years.  Others in the 'hood thought she moved away.  That is until her body was discovered in the back seat of her Jeep last week.  The 40 something woman worked for one of the Big Three auto companies and she traveled a lot.  She was found...mummified...when authorities came to foreclose on the property.  Kind of amazing these days that your neighbor could be dead for up to 6 years and nobody knows.

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