THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW never forgets.  Francisco Legaspi was indicted Monday in California on charges of failing to appear in court...22 years ago!  Seems our hero was charged with, and admitted to, filing false tax returns.  When he was a no-show for sentencing in January 1993, Frank became a fugitive.  Now, 22 years later, cops from the Bay area got London, Ontario.  How did they find him?  Glad you asked.  His Facebook page, of course!  Why would someone running from the law have a...oh never mind.

AN IOWA MAN, Douglas Wamsley, was having a great time at his local watering hole.  At the end of the evening he received his tab...$36!  However his credit card was declined.  So what's a guy to do?  In the case of Mr. Wamsley, he pulled out his gun and offered it to the bartender as payment.  The bartender put the gun out of Doug's reach and tried to figure out a way for him to pay the tab.  The solution?  Come back the next day, pay the tab and get the gun back.  Sounds logical, but not to a drunk.  Mr. Douglas became combative, police were called, took his gun and charged him with public intoxication.  Some guys don't know when their ahead of the game.

SOME GUYS JUST GET WHAT'S COMING to them.  Quamier Claiborne flagged down a bystander to ask for a coat hanger.  Seems he locked the keys in the car that he had borrowed from a relative.  The bystander was fresh out of hangers at the time, so he walked over to a police car nearby and reported the man's problem.  The police arrive and this dope stuck to his "relatives car" story.  Cops, of course, ran the vehicle and discovered it was stolen.  Yup, he stole the car, locked the keys inside, and tried to get help from the police.  I should also point out that he had all the tools necessary to steal as many cars as he wanted.