ON TOMORROWS PROGRAM WE'LL DISCUSS facts (among other things).  Do facts matter when it comes to someone's opinion.  A new study says NO!  This is weird. 

I DIDN'T SEE THE BLOOD RED MOON last night (I was fast asleep) and I wonder if anybody else saw it, what with the cloud cover and all in the Akron area.  We will have another chance...on October 8th of this year! (weather permitting of course)

HERE'S ONE TO CONSIDER.  CANADA IS considering an underground nuclear waste storage site less than a mile from Lake Huron.  Many folks (American and Canadian) are not thrilled with this idea.  Boating, fishing, tourism and drinking water for millions would be compromised should an accident occur.  This is not the last we'll hear about this!

THE WASHINGTON POST WON A PULITZER PRIZE (the most coveted prize in journalism) for their coverage of the Edward Snowden affair.  The award was for public service. Snowden is the fellow who leaked all sorts of security documents while working for the National Security Agency.

IT IS TAX DAY, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T yet done so...do so.  Otherwise, well you know.

ENJOY THE SNOW AND JOIN ME tomorrow morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.  JIM