OHIO STATE FANS...A MOMENT OF SILENCE...Braxton Miller, OSU quarterback is officially OUT for the 2014 season.  He re-injured his right shoulder on Monday and won't play again until next season.  This is not good news for OSU fans looking for a national championship (or even a Big 10 title).  Never fear however, the Buckeyes bench is usually better than most teams first string.  Only time will tell.

GOODBYE CUYAHOGA FALLS...It's official, Rockin' On The River will NOT return to the Falls next summer.  Our buddy Bob Earley announced as much yesterday.  Will it return at all in 2015?  Of course!  Where?  Good question.  I know numerous locations are being considered, but I can't say where.  We will know soon enough.  Don't forget the NEW "Bob Earley Show" every Sunday night from 6pm until 10pm on 640 WHLO.

MAYBE THE RIVALRY IS ALIVE...An outfit in Pittsburgh (www.benstonum.com) is selling "Welcome To Pittsburgh Johnny" foam fingers (with the center finger pointed in a northerly direction).  This is of course a result of Johnny Manziel's one finger salute on Mondays ESPN football telecast.  If you want to be the first on your block to own one, it'll cost you $19.33.  Go Browns!

YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THIS...Over 2,000 people have already ordered their very own "Defender"!  Not only will the "Defender" spray your intended target with pepper spray, it will also take a photo of the person and send your GPS coordinates to the local police department.  All with one shot.  What a country!

SHOULD GRANDMA BE PACKIN'...Grandma Linda Maddox of Tampa shot at a doorway when she heard a chair moving (the chair was against the door for security reasons).  Living in a dangerous neighborhood, she will shoot first and ask questions later.  Sadly the shot hit it's intended target, her grandson Tyler.  He was rushed to a hospital with a .22 caliber gunshot to the chest.  By the way, Tyler is 7 years old.