DID YOU KNOW THAT "FAN" IS short for fanatic?  Well it is, and here's a perfect example.  A fan of the Washington Redskins wants all 22 starters on this years team to autograph his arm. He'll then have them transferred into tattoos.  Now the fact that many of those players will not be on the team by the end of the season, and some will be playing with other teams (like the Cowboys) as early as next year.  Apparently Charlie White doesn't know that tattoos are forever, or maybe he does and just doesn't care.  Whatever, Charlie needs to find a new hobby.

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD THAT A judge in Los Angeles has OK'd the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers for 2 billion dollars.  Donald Sterling however has other ideas.  His lawyers say he will appeal the ruling and that this is just one battle in what he expects will be a long war.  Of course his estranged wife Shelly was happy about the ruling (not to mention the NBA), but I get the feeling this thing is far from over.  However, you have to wonder how this will effect the long term situation regarding the team.  The coach (and some players) have said they will NOT play for the Clippers if Sterling is still the owner this fall.  I wonder if the team will STILL be worth 2 billion if they have no players!

IF YOU'RE A REGULAR FLYER (or not) AND have a great idea about speeding up Transportation Security Administration lines at airports, listen up.  The TSA is offering rewards totaling $15,000 for the best ideas to fix the long wait time.  Deadline is August 15, so let the TSA know what you think.