FOR THOSE OF YOU CONCERNED ABOUT Uncle Sam digging into your private affairs, we may have dodged a bullet here.  Homeland Security has dropped plans to aquire license plate tracking information.  It was to allow HS to pursue criminal immigrants and other bad guys.  Now the question is "Did they really drop the plans?"  We'll probably find out 10 years from now.

A WOMAN IN SANDUSKY, MICHIGAN WILL be spending another year in jail because, according to a judge, she ran a "mind boggling" scam. Sara Ylen convinced an insurance company and a huge number of good hearted people that she had cancer.  It was all one big fat lie!  She put together an extraordinary ruse and accepted thousands of dollars from supporters, forged medical records, etc.  She pleaded "no Contest" to fraud and other charges.  Why did she get just one year behind bars?  It seems the 38 year old was already in prison for an earlier case of deceit.  Wouldn't it just be easier to get a real job?

DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS A STORY BUT Reuters is reporting that a ban on smoking in public parks is not happening as fast as many hoped it would.  While there are some parks that make smoking a crime, most are letting law abiding citizens enjoy a legal product as they enjoy mother nature.  Imagine're permitted to smoke outdoors!

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