THE "TODAY" SHOW RECENTLY REPORTED that many Americans don't go on vacation because "it's stressful" and "too much work."  Let me take a moment to call "BULLS&%T" on the moron who came up with this stupidity.  If you work a job where all you think about on vacation is work...GET A NEW JOB!!!!  I think half the fun of going on vacation is the preparation and the anticipation.  Work is work.  Vacation is fun.  Let me repeat is work and vacation is fun!  Now go and enjoy yourself!

THE SITUATION IN FERGUSON, MISSOURI has uncovered a weird story.  A 90 year old woman was arrested on Monday for protesting.  I should also mention that this 90 year old was a Holocaust survivor.  She also participated in the Nuremberg trials after World War II.  No thug there huh?

AMERICAN INGUINITY AT IT'S FINEST.  A 14 year old boy LIVED at a Walmart in Texas for at least 4 days.  He fed himself by browsing the food aisle, clothed himself in the clothing department, and slept in a hollowed out space between two merchandise displays.  Employees think he changed his clothes every few hours so as not to attract attention.  His parents weren't worried because they thought he was staying with relatives.  Walmart says they will NOT have charges filed.

HERE'S ONE FOR ALL YOU NUT NUTS!  There is a worldwide shortage of hazelnuts.  Why?  Glad you asked.  Earlier this year hazelnut flower fields in Turkey were destroyed by a killer frost and later hailstorms.  Bet you didn't know that 70% of the worlds H-nuts come from Turkey.  The price has already increased 60%!

LET'S HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE for one of the great voices of all time.  Don Pardo, who was the announcer on the original version of Jeopardy ("Tell them what they won, Don Pardo") died on Sunday in Tucson, Arizona.  He was BEST known as the "voice" of Saturday Night Live.  His career spanned 60 years (almost 40 on SNL).  Pardo was 96 years old.

I'LL HAVE TICKETS FOR BLOSSOM Music Center up for grabs on Wednesdays show.  Join me.  JIM