IT REALLY SUCKS TO BE LENWORTH DIXON!  Lenny WAS A garbage man in New York City, earning $73,000 per year.  In NYC, all city workers are absolutely prohibited from taking any money or any other benefit in connection with their official duty.  The law says you COULD do jail time if caught.  Well our hero got caught!  What he got was a large amount of wood, furniture, other "bulk refuse" and a $20 tip."  So how did this whole thing play out?  Dixon lost his job and had to pay a $1,500 fine.  That's quite a penalty for a pile of trash & 20 bucks.  By the way, the reason this is such a no-no in New York...the city says this is a FREE service to the citizens of New York, and they mean FREE!

A 74 YEAR OLD PHARMACIST IN THE Cleveland area was found guilty of trying to kill his wife.  His method?  Forcing a wooden shim into the throttle mechanism of her car, causing the auto to accelerate and she ended up running into a building.  Why would a man do this to his wife?  It seems their marriage was in trouble and he wanted to avoid an expensive divorce.  After the wife left the hospital she filed for a divorce.  Our hero in this case will be sentenced on March 10th.  Good plan huh?

AS WE MENTIONED ON TODAY'S SHOW, the Akron Beacon Journal reported that it's an urban legend that you should NOT shovel your sidewalk because you'll be held liable if someone falls.  They went to a personal injury attorney and he said a jury would never find you guilty.  Now you know.

STAY WARM AND KEEP YOU VEHICLE out of the ditch so you can join me tomorrow morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.  Jim