A RECENT ONLINE HARRIS POLL TELLS us that 2 out of every 3 Americans approve of Michelle Obama's performance as First Lady.  All right then.  Let's get real, the First Lady is just the Presidents wife.  How much does she really do?  As long as she doesn't beat the dog why shouldn't she (or any first lady) always have good numbers.  Why one third of the people disapprove is beyond me...unless were talking haircuts!  Rita (my award winning stylist) says the bangs DON'T work, but many women are coming into the shop asking for them.  Now you know.

I WENT TO THE JAR ARENA ON FRIDAY night and saw the Zips play the worst half of basketball I've ever seen.  It was so bad my head hurt and I left at halftime.  The second half was a little better (I watched on ESPN), but the Zips miss Abreu...BAD.  Three different players tried the point guard position with very little success.  The Zips don't play until Friday in the MAC Tournament and that will give Coach Dambrot a little time to figure something out.  However, winning the MAC Tourney title is FAR from a sure thing.  I also wonder if there will be ANY post MAC postseason for this team (NIT, etc).  Amazing how everything can change at the drop of a hat (or delivery of a dope box).  The fans did their part on Friday, the place was packed, but KSU took them right out of the game.  I must also give the Flashes credit.  Everything they threw up in the first half went in.  BTW, Kent will probably play Akron on Friday evening (barring an unlikely upset) in Cleveland.

IF YOUR INTERESTS INCLUDE POLITICS AND the media, you should pick up a copy of Roger Ailes new book "Roger Ailes:Off Camera" (it will be released on March 19).  According to an excerpt in Vanity Fair, Ailes calls President Obama "lazy" and Vice President "dumb as an ashtray".  Ailes is of course the news chief at Fox News, so I don't think anyone should be surprised, although you have to wonder about the "fair and balanced" tagline used by Fox...just saying.

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