THE DETROIT TIGERS OFFERED ONE of their top pitchers, Max Scherzer, a $144 million 6 year contract that would have made him the 7th highest paid pitcher in Major League Baseball...and he told them to shove it (or something like that).  I did the math and that comes out to roughly $24 million per season.  Chump change I guess.  Just make sure you teach your kid to throw a curveball by the age of 2.

REMEMBER THE ZOO IN DENMARK THAT killed a perfectly healthy giraffe last month?  Well they've done it again, only this time it's lions...4 of them... 2 of them were cubs.  Why?  They needed to make room for a new male lion who would have eaten the cubs.  Well all right then!

CHINA HAS ADMITTED THAT THEY ARE harming air quality and have "declared war" on pollution.  That means they will have to choose between keeping their economic growth running on all cylinders or protect the environment.  Which do you think they'll choose?  Me too!

I'LL HAVE A GREAT STORY ON TOMORROWS show about a man who decided to perform "random acts of kindness" and ended up in a mental hospital.

DO YOU REMEMBER THE "COOLER BANDITS?" In the 90's the group robbed restaurants in Akron by locking employees in a cooler.  They are the subject of a movie that will be presented at the Akron Public Library downtown on Thursday at 4:45pm.  It's part of the Cleveland International Film Festival.  Bring your own popcorn.

JOIN ME TOMORROW MORNING AT 9am on 640 WHLO.  By the way, isn't the snow beautiful?  Just kidding!  JIM