FORMER CLEVELAND BROWN, JIM BROWN, is claiming an NFL Championship ring up for auction, that once belonged to him, was stolen years ago.  The current high bid for the ring is $30,000 and Brown says he wants it back.  The auction house says NO, they acquired the piece through legal means.  Can you say lawsuit?  I knew you could.

SOMEBODY FROM THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE Control found vials of the deadly smallpox virus in storage space at the center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Nobody knows how it got there and why it wasn't shipped to the CDC in Atlanta for destruction.  It doesn't look like anyone was exposed and the virus HAS NOW BEEN shipped to Atlanta for high containment.  Just a few weeks ago the same agency found anthrax that was shipped to a lab NOT equipped for handling this deadly substance.

AN INDIANA MAN WAS CLEANING HIS hand gun when it went off (how DOES this happen?)  The Elkhart man shot his hand and then the bullet went through his lady friends legs (that's right, both of them...insert joke here.)  Both were taken to the hospital and they'll live.

I'VE ALWAYS CONSIDERED HOT DOG eating contests gross.  These things are very popular these days (Nathans in NYC on July 4th for example.)  However they might not be around much longer.  A 47 year old competitive eater in South Dakota died last week when he choked on a wiener (insert joke here too.)  Many tried CPR but to no avail.  The outfit that hosted the event cancelled the pie eating contest scheduled for the next day.

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