I NOTICED THAT THE CITY OF CANTON has had their annual police sweep.  It happens every year during the Pro Football Hall of Fame celebration.  Canton police, the State Highway Patrol, the FBI, Stark County Sheriffs department and other law enforcement agencies all get together and hold a large sweep of the city's neighborhoods, in an effort to get the bad guys off the street for the many people coming to visit for the HOF activities.  While I get it, I don't understand why they don't do the same for the residents of these neighborhoods every day.  After all, the residents don't get to leave town when the HOF Festival is over.  They have to live with this every day.  These are also the people who pay the salaries of these law enforcement officials.  C'mon Canton, what's good for visitors should also be good for the hometown folks.

WHILE IN CANTON, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE North Canton police department.  They seem to have cracked the counterfeit money case.  Fake bills have been circulating in Stark County for the last month, and Jeffrey Goss of Canton seems to be one of two involved.  He and another unidentified person have been fingered by video surveillance.  If you know this guy's whereabouts, cops in North Canton would like a tip.

DON'T FORGET, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO attend LeBrons' homecoming party at Info-cision stadium next Friday, more tickets will be given away starting at 6pm TONIGHT.  You can get them ON LINE only at the Ticketmaster web site.

DO YOU REMEMBER THE "Underwear bomber"?  He tried to blow up a plane in Detroit in 2009.  According to WXYZ TV in the Motor City, the suspect, Umar Abdulmutallab, wore his loaded panties for two weeks before he attempted the terrorist act.  The TV station reports he wanted to get used to wearing them.  So why did his plan NOT blow up in his face?  The bombs fuse became damp from two weeks of wear, and wouldn't ignite when necessary.  You've also got to wonder if this idiot wasn't somewhat "ripe" after 14 days of the same underthings.