MANY THINGS INTRIGUE ME ABOUT the murder trial going on in Akron this week.  Two local men are charged with the brutal murder of four people in a townhome near Chapel Hill last year.  So far we know that both men were drug dealers, and at least one of the victims was also in the drug business.  We also know that both of the suspected killers were well known to local law enforcement (both were awaiting trial on felony drug charges when the crimes took place.)  Yesterdays testimony also revealed that 100 grams of heroin would go for anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 on the street.  The Summit County assistant prosecutor Brian LoPrinzi also revealed that heroin is VERY available all over the area and is a major problem that results in much crime in our area.  We learned last week that if we could remove the right 50 people from Akron city streets, we could cut crime in half.  Hopefully that number has shrunk to 48.

YOUR BACON (AND EVERY OTHER PORK PRODUCT) will cost you more this summer.  A virus (PEDv) has killed piglets in 30 states, 4 Canadian provinces and many spots in Mexico.  The virus is not a danger to humans but it kills anywhere from 80 to 100 percent of all pigs it infects.  Fewer pigs, higher prices, it's as simple as that.  Aw don't worry, the bacon isn't good for you anyway.

ON TOMORROWS PROGRAM I'LL TALK about a recent article from MarketWatch that predicts a fall in gas prices this summer.  Yea, right.  Well, I'll tell you what they had to say at 9am.  Another topic for tomorrow, how freedom of speech should the average citizen be allowed to protest their government.  It ain't much in North Carolina!

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