POOR DONALD STERLING...The owner of the LA Clippers NBA team has an offer on the table from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Forced to sell the team, Ballmer made an offer of 2 BILLION dollars.  Sterling has lawyered up, but HOW do you turn down $2,000,000,000.00.  If you don't know what this is all about, please move to item two.

CAN YOU SAY "PSYCHO"?...Arthur Morgan III strapped his 2 year old daughter into her car seat, weighed it down with a tire iron, and threw her into a river.  At his sentencing hearing he was asked what he had to say for himself.  He told the mother he was sorry about the deterioration of their relationship, he was also upset that the media took pictures that made him look foolish, and finally he said he would not have worn designer clothes to court had he known he would be criticized for it.  Absolutely NOTHING about being sorry for killing his daughter.

GREAT WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT...For the first time in history, the median income for CEO's in the USA topped $10 million.  The numbers are for 2013.

PLAY BALL...The City of Cleveland is in the process of rebuilding and renovating the old home of the Indians...League Park.  Having visited this classic spot a few times, I doubt that there is much left of the original grandstand, but the field is still there and the renovations will make the field exactly as it was in the first half of the 20th century.  By the way, Babe Ruth hit his 500th homer there and Joe DiMaggio got the last hit of his historic 56 game hitting streak at the park, which is located at 60th and Lexington in the Hough section of C-town.

KEEP YOUR WORKERS HAPPY...The Grindstone reports that if an employer wants to keep his employees happy, it's as easy as giving them free food once in a while.  They must have done this study right before lunchtime.  I can think of a few other things that would be above "free food" on my list.

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