A MAN IN MICHIGAN HAS RECIEVED a drunken driving citation for driving his vehicle into a phone pole.  What makes this story unusual is he was riding on a snowmobile.  It was 86 degrees at the time.  Hey dude, winter will get here soon enough!

A WISCONSIN WOMAN HAS FOUND HER missing wedding ring.  She lost it 5 years ago.  Where was it?  In her dogs stomach (at least some of the time).  The dog started puking and well...there it was.  Go figure.

A FLORIDA WOMAN HAS WON A LAWSUIT worth $2 million dollars.  What happened?  She was run over by beach patrol truck in Daytona Beach Shores.  Half of her face is paralyzed.  Now the state legislature will determine if that amount is too much.  By the way, she was sunbathing at the time.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, KYRIE IRVING has agreed to a contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Does this mean LeBron James will return to Cleveland?  Not a chance.

A WOMAN IN AVON LAKE WAS OUTSIDE WITH her little dog last weekend when a deer appeared out of nowhere.  The dog ran under a patio chair, and like any good dog lover she went to protect the mutt.  At that point the deer went after both of them.  Shooting deer herd will start soon in Avon Lake.