THE BEACON JOURNAL REPORTED this morning that Canton's chances of hosting next years NFL draft are fading.  I've heard that Canton never expected to get the next draft, but might consider hosting the event sometime down the road.  While I think it would be great for the city and the area, I don't think you'll see it anytime soon.  The draft is all about media coverage and promotion for the league.  Thus the 3 largest media markets in the country are the ones being considered for the event.  We in NE Ohio are not the center of the media universe.  Think about the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.  The building is in Cleveland, but the big party is usually held in New York or Los Angeles.  Cleveland had to fight like crazy to get the ceremony every 3 years.

IMAGINE GOING INTO YOUR LOCAL Target store and finding a loaded gun sitting on top of a superhero toy box.  That's what happened in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a week ago.  An employee was investigating a possible theft from the store when he found the black 9mm handgun in one of the toy aisles.  Target has been facing a lot of pressure about allowing customers to bring firearms into their stores.  A group known as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America have started a petition drive to make Target ban all weapons from their stores.  And so it goes.

A JUDGE IN WASHINGTON STATE HAS ordered Casey Kasem's family to grow up.  He's in tough shape medically, and his second wife and the kids from his first marriage are fighting over him.  The judge ordered them to behave themselves and a third party has been chosen to make sure they do.

BROUGHT THIS UP BRIEFLY on today's show, but you may be riding in a self driven automobile sooner than you think.  The chairman of the Renault-Nissan company announced yesterday that the only reason we don't have them now is legislators and red tape.  Carlos Ghosn told a group in France yesterday that the technology is fine and we could be driving them now if not for legislatures dragging their feet.  The CEO also said that we WILL be driving...er...riding them as soon as 2018.

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