BATTON DOWN THE HATCHES (whatever that means) looks like we're in for a VERY miserable 18 to 24 hours tonight & tomorrow.  Up to 10 inches of snow could be on the ground by tomorrow evening.  There4 is also the possibility of freezing rain, sleet or with a little luck...rain.  It all depends on the exact path of the storm.  Rest assured, you'll get all the traffic and weather reports tomorrow morning during the Wall Street Journal news in the morning on 640 WHLO.

ROSEMARY VOGEL!!!  If you ever see that name on Christian Mingle dot com, you just move right on along.  I'm guessing she WILL be available in a few years.  See, she's been charged with attemped first-degree murder and vunerable adult abuse.  Rosie is accused of injecting feces-laced fluid into her husbands IV after he underwent surgery.  She was caught messing with his IV tube while in recovery.  Nurses found a brown substance in the tube.  A test revealed the fluid contained...well you know.  Police found 3 more syringes in her handbag (same thing).  I guess this seemed like a good idea at the time.  By the way, Rosemary is 65 years old!

WHILE WERE DISCUSSING THE funny things older people do...Mary Musselman is 81 years old and is now sitting in jail.  Why?  She was feeding the bears.  Apparently the black bears in Florida enjoyed visits to her property because she fed them...very well!  Authorities told her "Don't Feed The Bears" (many times), but she said Bull Hockey (or something like that).  I understand why the bears liked her place.  She would feed them up to 18 bowls of dog food at a time.  The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission had begged her over and over to STOP!  Eventually a judge said "bring her in".  Easier said than done.  Mary fought the officers and said she would kill them.  As a former teacher, some of her former students are trying to find a mental health professional to appear with her in court.  GOOD IDEA!!!

THAT WILD AND CRAZY GUY, Rob Ford (Toronto mayor) is in trouble again.  He was ticketed for jaywalking in Vancouver.  I guess I should also mention he was drunk.  This guy absolutely has a future in the entertainment business.  Let's hook him up with Justin Be....OK maybe not!

LET'S END THIS ON A POSITIVE note.  A couple of workers found $43,000 in the pockets of some donated clothing at Goodwill in Monroe, Michigan (just north of Toledo).  All the bills were $100's.  Instead of going on a spending spree, they found the rightful owner and returned the money.  Apparently this is common at Goodwill, but $43,000...that's a bit much.

Join me tomorrow morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.  Jim