BET YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD hear this.  Texas Eastern Transmission LP is about to build a pipeline that would transport natural gas from Ohio to the Gulf Coast.  Thats shipped from here to there.  Usually our energy comes FROM the gulf and the western part of the USA.  The reason for this is the Utica and Marcellus Shale areas in Ohio.  According to reports, we will now send out more energy than we use here.  Hopefully this will mean jobs for Ohioans.  We'll see.  I'm guessing we will see zero drop in our heating bills as a result of this drill baby drill thing.

I MEANT TO BRING THIS UP ON TODAY'S show, but will do so tomorrow.  Former University of Akron basketball player Alex Abreu want's to return to the team after being busted last year for trafficking marijuana.  He's hoping for a second chance with the Zips.  We are a nation of second chances.  Abreu says he found Jesus while serving time in jail and is speaking to young kids about listening to their parents, getting good grades and not being a bully.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS BACK IN THE NEWS!  He gave interviews to Univision and CNN and tell us he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.  He blames "the media" and President Obama for his troubles.  He still gets death threats and needs body guards and bullet-proof vests to be safe.  Zimmerman also points out that he has no regrets about shooting Trayvon Martin.  However he did say that he is broke, owes his attorneys over 2 million dollars and can't get a job, although he did recently sell a painting for $100,000. 

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