TOOK A LOOK LAST NIGHT AT THE salute to the Beatles on CBS saluting their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 50 years ago.  It wasn't bad but I guess I expected more.  Paul and Ringo were outstanding along with Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry and the "house band" that played throughout the show.  Was disappointed with Imagine Dragons and the David Letterman interviews with the two living Beatles.  Was also interesting to see the now 80 year old Yoko Ono dancing at her seat (Sean Ono Lennon also attended).  All in all I give it a B-.

I KEEP FINDING STORIES CONCERNING businesses that don't (or refuse) to serve certain customers.  The latest is a restaurant owner who won't serve any minorities (freaks, gays, the handicapped, liberals, people on welfare, blacks, etc.).  Now this guy runs a place in Oklahoma so he'll no doubt keep his regulars.  But I think this is something we'll talk about tomorrow on 640 WHLO.

VERY SAD TO REPORT THAT THE FIGHT between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX has been called off.  Apparently the promoter (Damon Feldman) of this bout was getting death threats.  He tweeted "I'm done with George Zimmerman" etc.  Apparently a millionaire (who owns named Alki David had convinced the promoter this would be a good idea.  Apparently not.  Feldman had to hire a bodyguard for his own safety.

IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WITH MS, there is an experimental stem cell project going on in Cleveland.  Scientists hope that this would not only help people with MS but also asthma, Lupus, ALS, COPD and other afflictions.  I've got a phone number for you if you'd like more info...216-831-2355.

HERE'S ANOTHER STORY I THINK might make for some good conversation tomorrow.  The sheriff of Elko County, Nevada will start charging inmates for their food and medical care.  You'll also pay for booking into the jail.  Certain groups say this is cruel and unusual punishment.  What do you think?

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE GUY who took a leak on the Alamo?  You will tomorrow morning starting at 9am on 640 WHLO.  JIM