A CURE FOR FOOD ALLERGIES?  Maybe!  Researchers may have discovered why some kids are at high risk for allergies, everything from milk to peanuts.  Kids given more than the average amounts of antibiotics seem to be most likely to suffer from these allergies, and scientists think they have the cure.  Antibiotics wipe out natural and helpful bacteria in the body and New York University researchers think they know how to replace that "good bacteria", which would then reverse the nasty effects of the allergies.  This report comes from Science Magazine.

WHILE WERE DISCUSSING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, how about this.  Mozzarella is the best cheese for a pizza.  It's much too confusing for me to explain here, but you can read the research for yourself in the Journal of Food Science.  The report is titled 'Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and their Correlation with Cheese Functionality'.  I think I'll just have a few slices, because I COULD have told them this before any research was done.

IF YOU LADIES THINK GIVING BIRTH is not all that much fun, think about this.  A Chinese mother just delivered a 14 pound baby boy, which is double the average weight for a newborn.

FOUND ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE 'DOGS are man's best friends' stories.  An 18 year old Indian man died in an automobile accident, and his best friend "Tommy" would not leave his gravesite.  The dog wouldn't leave for two weeks.  No food, water or anything else.  Blue Cross workers in India tried to rescue the dog but it wouldn't budge.  It just scratched the grave and whined.  Eventually, the dead mans mother approached the dog, held it's neck to her face and cried.  The emaciated dog left with his masters mom.  Good Dog!

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