I WAS FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO KNOW someone who invited me to the "soft" opening of a new restaurant in downtown Akron yesterday.  The place is known as "The Game" and I was impressed.  I like it when a restaurant opens downtown, and I think this one will be a winner.  "The Game" is located inside Canal Park Stadium.  It's NOT the same space occupied previously by Wing Warehouse or Menches Brothers. (that has been converted to a spot for groups attending Rubberducks games).  This space was simply a storage room for the old Akron Aeros.  It's been transformed into a chic modern restaurant serving all sorts of dishes (taco's, hamburgers, steaks, duck, etc) and the prices are surprisingly affordable.  "The Game" will be open for lunch and dinner, with a breakfast buffet on weekends.  Doesn't matter whether the baseball team is at home or on the road.  The manager is Cory O'Connor who has been in the restaurant business for many years (and looks like he's 12 years old). He is a real stickler for customer satisfaction.  So if you stop in, let him know about your experience (good or bad).  As one who attends numerous games at the ballpark, you'll probably see me there sometime during the baseball season (and I've been looking for a new breakfast place) so I'll try that out as well.  By the way, as you might guess many of the dishes have cute titles revolving around the new "Rubberducks" name, including "Quaker Jacks" (get it).  Remember, the team will have their home opener 2 weeks from Thursday, although the restaurant officially opens this Thursday March 27.  Bon Appetite!

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