FATHER OF THE YEAR....Don't know his name because authorities want to protect his child, but...a Utah man has been charged with child abuse!  Why?  He chained his 6 year old son to a metal bed frame while he was at work.  The chain was padlocked to his ankle.  But don't worry, the child did have access to snacks and water and the chain was juuuuuust long enough for him to reach the bathroom.  Apparently mom did not live at the home.

JUST MY OPINION, BUT...Why did FEMA deny people in Cuyahoga Falls, Stow and Bath funding assistance for damages suffered in the big storms last month?  The Falls alone suffered more than $1.4 million in losses.  We seem to be awfully good at doling out cash to people in tornado alley, coastal areas on the Atlantic seaboard, fire prone areas out west, etc.  Wonder if the FEMA folks know we even exist here in the Buckeye?

WHAT HAPPENED TO MARRIAGE...The latest trend among women who have just gone through a divorce?  A party!  Complete with limos, gowns, heels and booze.  You go girls.

WHY CAN'T WE PROTECT OUR CHILDREN...I'm not keeping score, but The Washington Post is!  The school shooting earlier this week in suburban Portland, Oregon that took a child's life is the 74th one in the country since Newtown.  The president said we "should be ashamed" of ourselves.  You know what?  He's right.

WE LOVE SOCCER, OR DO WE...The world will go crazy starting tomorrow, as The World Cup championship starts in Brazil.  I'm guessing we'll continue to talk about Johnny Football, The Indians and LeBron.  I don't know a soul who cares, but there MUST be a few soccer-heads out there.  I've been told for the last 40 years that someday soccer will overtake baseball, football and basketball for Americans affection.  I'm STILL waiting.

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