GOOD KID?  A 9 YEAR OLD MINNESOTA girl may have a future in law enforcement but I'll bet she's out of the will!  The girl walked into the local police department and told the cops that her parents were smoking and growing pot.  She then invited the officers over to her house to take a look.  The parents are in jail and the girl is with relatives.

FRIENDS FUN WINE HAS COME UP with two unusual flavors.  Trouble is I don't know if you get it in a bar or a coffee shop.  Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino are new drinks offered by the company.  Coffee buzz?  I'm thinking so.

A WEBSITE CALLED MissTravel has released a list of the hottest men and women in the world.  They polled members and discovered that the hottest men in the world are from Australia, while the hottest women reside in Brazil.  What about the USA?  Our men finished at #6 while American woman didn't even finish in the top ten.  My international travel consists of Tijuana and Niagara Falls so I'm hardly an expert.  However Russian women finished at #2.  Me thinks something is amiss here.

JOHNNY MANZIEL IS STARTING TO GET a little heat from the Browns.  Reports are the owner, Jimmy Haslam, was disturbed by the "money phone" photo a few weeks ago.  Can you party AND play football.  We're about to find out.

OUR FLORIDA WACKJOB OF THE DAY....Clayton Schwey!  Ole Clay entered a CVS Pharmacy with a bag on his head.  Workers feared a robbery and ask him to leave (they also called the cops).  He said NO because it's a free country. (I used that excuse when I was a kid and it never worked).  When the cops arrived they ask "Why The Bag?".  He responded "I'm with the CIA, the DEA and the FBI.  Well that explains it.