LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE WEATHERMAN!!  They got it wrong!  Instead of almost a foot of snow, we got about 2 or 3 inches over the weekend.  My back and my snow shovel appreciate the break.  Now if we could just get the temperature to stay above ZERO, that would also be a wonderful thing!

IF YOU LOVE YOUR LAND LINE PHONE, you should be able to keep it for a few more years.  However, it's days are numbered.  AT&T has chosen two towns (one in Alabama and another in Florida) to determine the best way to move you (and everybody else) to internet based phone services and away from traditional copper wire landlines.  You can't stop progress.

I FOUND THIS LITTLE NUGGET OVER THE WEEKEND.  California Governor Jerry Brown (also known as Governor Moonbeam) said he's not sure that legalizing marijuana in Cali is a good idea.  Brown says that his state and the USA could lose it's competitive edge if to many people are getting stoned.  He added that a certain amount of anything is OK, but there is a tendency to take things to extremes.  I think he makes a good point, although we've had alcohol forever and that doesn't seem to have stopped us as a country.  Maybe we'll talk about this tomorrow morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.

HAVE YOU NOTICED PAULA DEEN is back.  Her interview with People Magazine put her back in the spotlight.  It will be interesting to see if the American people give her a second chance.  Only time will tell.

I MENTIONED THIS BRIEFLY ON TODAY'S program, so if you missed it....A man in California has filed a lawsuit against McDonalds because he only received one napkin with his Quarter Pounder.  He apparently asked for more and was told NO!  Webster Lucas wants $1.5 million dollars for "undue mental anguish".  I'll be more than happy to buy this guy a cup of McDonalds coffee, but he has to wear it, not drink it.

ENJOY THE SUNSHINE AND JOIN ME tomorrow morning from 9am until noon on 640 WHLO.  JIM