THE NEXT TIME YOU THINK THE USA has an over abundance of crazy people, think about Australia.  Steven Steele of Queensland entered a 7-11 carrying a running chainsaw while wearing a flowerpot on his head.  Other shoppers thought he was probably drunk (gee ya think).  According to those in the store, our hero damaged shelves and windows and then mooned everybody.  He then grabbed a bottle of soda pop and walked out.  Cops did catch up to the guy and arrested him for armed robbery.

HERE'S ONE YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK.  The adult website surveyed people and discovered that 90% of men and 60% of women watch porn regularly.  They also discovered that people who watch an above average amount of porn also have more sex.  This goes against the conventional thinking that says porn watchers are losers who couldn't get layed in a whore house with a fistful of fifties.  Believe it?  Nah, me either.

THE DAY IS COMING WHEN YOU WILL NO LONGER need a password to access the internet or anything else.  No more fingerprints or eye scans either.  The future is your body odor!  Apperently we all carry our own body odor and it stay's with us our entire life, and you can't mask it with cologne or deodorant.  This is a little bit freaky.

A MAN IN WISCONSIN HAS BEEN BANNED FROM the internet for 30 months!  Why?  He pranked his neighbor and did a good job of it.  Jason Willis posted a fake ad on Craigslist for his female neighbor (without her permission).  The ad said she was looking for nude men to pay her a visit.  Several did including one wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and a smile.  When the woman was told WHY she was getting these visits, she called police....and you know the rest.  Along with the internet ban he's been sentenced to 30 months probation.  I'm sure it sounded like a good idea at the time.

DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED THIS, BUT a porn star has offered her services (for free) to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but only if they make the playoffs.  Ava Devine also opened the offer to the Cavs girlfriends.  What a country.