ROBIN SWOBODA HAS ANNOUNCED THAT she will be leaving Channel 3 at the end of the month.  I didn't even know she was at WKYC.  Swoboda has worked at Channel 8, Channel 5 and Channel 3.  Actually she had worked at 8 at least three times.  She says that the news is so depressing it wears her out.  The steady stream of bad news WILL work on you.  Don't know where she'll end up next, but Channel 8 is always a possibility.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THE WORLD HAS not run completely off the tracks.  A woman who stopped her car in the street to help an elderly couple ahead of her, was cited by Cleveland police for impeding traffic.  She had her day in court yesterday and the judge threw out the ticket.  So you see, kindness sometimes does pay.

THE LEADERS OF CARONDELET HIGH SCHOOL for Girls in Concord, California have some explaining to do.  The school was going to celebrate Black History Month last Friday during lunchtime.  So one of the menu options included fried chicken, watermelon and cornbread.  Really!  Some students and parents were not amused.  The principal, Nancy Libby, said that the school does not promote racial stereotypes and said the menu was the result of a communication breakdown.

A TEAM OF SCIENTISTS SAY THEY CAN now predict when an El Nino event is about to happen, and they predict we'll have one next winter.  Why should we care?  Because the El Nino effect usually means a mild winter with lots of rain for Ohio.  Let's see, warmer weather and little snow.  I think I like it.

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